About Us

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How it all started

Founded in 1989, Maria Pino was created by a 17-year old young lady alongside her three brothers. Finding herself inspired by her father and motivated by her mother, she decided to ignite her entrepreneurial spirit and launch her own shoe brand. As the business was still under formation, she found her first supplier to be her very own brother, who had studied shoe design in Milan, was able to collaborate with her ideas and create designs produced in Italy and eventually sold them in Maria Pino stores.

The meaning of Maria Pino

Our brand name, Maria Pino, is often associated with the Lebanese youth and society. We started Maria Pino in Lebanon and grew to the point where we could take the allure and culture of new lands, while maintaining our essence.

When we opened Maria Pino, it was considered the “place of dreams” for Lebanese women because for the first time ever, crazy looking, funky high heeled boots appeared. A mixture of hip and classy MP-designed shoes dominated the market, and Maria Pino was the reason behind that.

How we grew

Since right from the beginning, with our first shop in Kaslik, people were lining up to enter the store and get their hands on the trendiest pair of shoes. Maria Pino’s shoes became famous enough for people in the 90s to travel from other cities far away just so they can get our quality shoes.

Thanks to the hard work and family spirit, after about 7 years of creating Maria Pino, we started to grow and spread out to Dubai, Kuwait, and Bahrain and we are now considered an international market player.

Our vision

Our vision is to maintain international market leadership through our incomparable quality and our unique set of products – all while maintaining affordable pricing.

What we sell

Everything we sell has one thing in common: love for fashion!

At the beginning, we were exclusively selling shoes and some accessories such as belts. As we grew, we slowly began on expanding by integrating bags under the Maria Pino brand. Later on, we got into partnerships with big brands such as Stella Luna, with whom we collaborate on a monthly basis to decide on a collection of shoes and bags.

Recently, we integrated a specific line of clothing brands that are mainly made in Italy and France, which offer a unique collection that is accustomed to the specific taste of each person that enters any of our shops.

We acquire quality brands so people are able to discover themselves and can dress their personality by simply finding the look they are searching for and easily pulling it off.

Anyone can find a perfect pair of shoes, from sneakers to trendy flip-flops, to mid and high heels for an extravagant night out with a bag to match, and at the same time comfortable shoes for the elderly people.

Our locations

We are currently located in:

  • Lebanon: Vienna Shoes, Kaslik, ABC Ashrafieh-Dbayeh and Verdun, Beirut City Center, Tripoli, Verdun 730.
  • Dubai: Stella Luna in Dubai Mall, Gallery Lafayette
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait

& we now ship internationally!